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Vegetarian Delight

• Vegetarian Delight •
(**Entree can be made vegan**)
(all entrees are served with Basmati Rice)

Matar Paneer: Cubed farmer cheese and peas in one of the following mouth-watering sauces     $11.95
Tikka Masala
Creamy Coconut
Cashew Masala

Spinach (Palak): Homemade cheese in a creamy spinach sauce in one of the following choices
Saag Paneer (home-made cheese) $11.95
Saag Chole (garbanzos)** 10.95
Saag Aloo (potatoes)** 10.95

Eggplant Bharta:** Flame roasted eggplant puree, crackled with cumin, tomato, and fresh herbs     $11.95

Aloo Gobhi:** Braised Russets, cauliflower, vine-ripened tomatoes, spiced perfectly!     $10.95
(Side Order)     $8.95

Aloo Chole / Channa Masala:** Potatoes and garbanzo beans in a special blend of spices     $10.95
(Side Order)     $8.95

Navratan Korma: A combination of fresh vegetables, fruit, and nuts in a tantalizing creamy sauce     $10.95

Malai Kofta: Cheese and vegetable rounds served in a cashew - saffron sauce     $11.95

Bhindi Masala** (Okra): Okra sautéed with onions and tomatoes in ginger, garlic paste     $11.95
(Side Order)     $8.95

Bombay Potatoes:** Cubes of potatoes cooked with onions, cumin, and spiced to perfection     $9.95

Daal Makhani: Gently simmered lentils delicately spiced and creamed     $10.95
(Side Order)     $8.95

Daal Tarka - Yellow Daal:**     $10.95
(Side Order)     $8.95

Veggie Jalfrezi:** Fresh vegetables cooked in a spiced curry sauce with onions, peppers, garlic and ginger     $11.95

Veggie Vindaloo:** Fresh mixed veggies and potatoes in a tangy onion sauce     $10.95

Matar Aloo:** Potatoes and peas in a tangy onion vinegar sauce     $10.95