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Chutneys Bistro

A terrific restaurant
Our family has been going to Chutney's for quite some time. The ambience is fine, the food is awesome, and the Owner is wonderful. Truly, the Indian food couldn't be better and they'll go out of their way to please.

- Jim & Jan

I've been a regular customer of Chutney's for over a year now. I've always felt so welcomed at Chutneys, in fact they know exactly where I like to sit, so they'll make sure...that I get my table. The food is unbelievable as well. The atmosphere is very friendly. They go out of their way to give you a good experience, and that's true customer service to me.

- Unknown

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Best Indian Food in Seattle
Chutney's Bistro is a great Indian Restaurant. The environment is pleasant with friendly staff and the owner, himself is very kind and generous. I love their chicken tikka masala and chicken masala with mango. Their mango shake with a hint of strawberry is refreshing. I have tried out many indian restaurants in Seattle, however, Chutney's is my favorite. They have the best buffet in town and if you are looking for good indian food, I would recommend stopping in at Chutney's in Wallingford.

- Stehanie

Very Tasty Indian Food
I really enjoy the food at Chutney's. The staff is always gracious and we were seated promptly. I would recommend this restaurant for a nice meal out and we use them for take-out as well.

- Miya

Chutney's Chicken Tikka Masala ~ MMMMMMMMMM!!!

We've been coming to Chutney's for our Indian takeout fix for almost two years now, and their Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tikka Masala simply can't be beat!. We routinely try new Indian places everywhere throughout Seattle and also wherever we travel, but I generally end up comparing other places to Chutney's and Chutney's wins. I highly recommend this place!

- Hubriis

Fantastic new digs! Beautiful patio!

Chutney's moved to the other side of Wallingford Center and it's gorgeous! I thought the move off busy 45th might not be good but it's an improvement. The inside of the restaurant now has booths, a bar and looks much more comfy. The patio is lovely with a nice fountain. Perfect for a balmy summer night. I think the orientation even avoids hot early evening sun. Same great food.
Great food, plenty of parking, sunny patio

- Ghs

I went because of the reviews..I was Impressed

First of all thanks to all the users who wrote their reviews. It definitely helped me in making my decision for an Indian restaurant. I've already been to Chutney's Bistro twice and definitely plan on going on a regular basis. Man I love their brunches on Saturdays and Sundays. All of that food and drinks for just $8.95....that's unbelievable. I had a great experience, I sat outside on the patio, enjoyed my brunch with a mango lemonade...hmm hmm hmm it was yummy. I recommend this restaurant to all of you who are hesitant about indian food, it's worth the try. The owner really does go out of his way to make you feel special.

- Sammorello